Last updated: March 31, 2016

Meezan Advertising offers the full range of Outdoor Advertising & Printing Services. In-fact, we are continually venturing into new fields and developing expertise in the most state of the art areas like SEO and Internet Marketing. However, the biggest differentiating and (for us) the most important fact about Meezan Advertising is that we are - PROUDLY - A Complete Shariah Compliant Advertising Agency.

Indeed, this claim would surprise most people and raise some important questions. After all, it is hard to imagine that an advertising/marketing agency would be able to survive if it wanted to be Shariah compliant at the same time. Let us surprise you even more!!!

Our Shariah Compliance Policy has been established under the guidance of the Shariah & Fatwah Bench of Jamia Darul-Uloom Korangi. Under no circumstances will we ever compromise on this policy and it constitutes the following points:

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